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e.g. turning machine or boring mill
e.g. Sinumerik 840 D, Heidenhain TNC 530
e.g. axis X, linear, travel 1200 mm or e.g. axis C , round,
Laser measurement for machine tools

Laser measurement

Laser measurement with an API XD

Laser measurement

We measure, analyse and document all important geometry data of your machine, which can lead to tolerance deviations due to wear, collision, etc.

On the basis of this data we can correct the machine in the best possible way via the measuring system or the CNC control. The regular, annual inspection of your machines enables production errors to be detected and avoided in good time.

Laser measurement
measurement protocol

The following data are determined using a laser interferometer:

- positioning accuracy
- straightness
- pitch angle
- yaw angle
- roll angle
- perpendicularity
- diagonal measurements
- backlash
- Graduation accuracy for rotary axes
- parallelism measurement
- coliniarity measurement
- Acceleration and speed behaviour
- Flatness of surfaces

Ballbar test

Ballbar test with a QC 10

Ballbar test

The ballbar test is offered as a supplement to laser measurement. With the ballbar the dynamic behaviour between 2 axes can be determined.

Renishaw QC20
Ballbar test evaluation

The following data is determined during the ballbar test:

- circular deviation
- Error at quadrant transitions
- midpoint deviations
- contouring error
- straightness error
- dimensional error
- Stick - Briefs
- backlash
- guide play
- Cyclic error

Machine geometry

Inspection or restoration of the machine geometry according to DIN 86... or according to the protocol of the machine manufacturer.

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