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Retrofit - Modernization

New is always better! Or is it?

Retrofit offers an economic advantage from many perspectives. In addition to the financial savings, we give old and proven machines the opportunity to appear in new splendour.
By replacing obsolete components and adding new, state-of-the-art technological developments, existing plants are brought back up to date. The advantage for the plant operator lies in the modernisation or retrofit of the plant and the associated increase in productivity at significantly lower costs compared to the purchase of a new plant. The stable basic substance of the machine is retained and, in the case of large machines, the high replacement investments for the production of foundations are no longer necessary.
Together with our customers, we develop a new concept - but the opinions and experiences of the operating personnel also play a decisive role for us. Because they are the key to successful production.
Retrofit SHW UF5

partial overhauls

according to customer requirements

complete overhauls

Before - After with automation

Retrofit grinding machine
Modernization grinding machine
Carousel lathe before conversion
Carousel lathe after conversion
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